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    So you are saying that because BASIC allows you to write in 4 lines what you wrote in 17 that BASIC is more powerful?
    Of course not. I said I tought at my first use of C/C++.
    And don't use the word "powerful". It has no meaning at all.

    Your objections to C obviously come from a programmer's standpoint who is very new to C and well versed in BASIC.
    Have you read all the post before sending new one? I really love C++ and hated QBASIC (though I started with it) at the time I learned C/C++.

    I know my code was not the best (was the worst I think). But QBASIC require less knowledge for a good code. It was an example from a beginner's viewpoint.
    BASIC simply does half the work for you. C makes you do the work. This is why BASIC stands for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. There's a place for both.
    It is exactly what I wanted to say, my friend.

    About your optimized code, it is not my example at all. It should first save whole the string in a var (it is important in my example). So please write another optimized code (please do it in a way to get an integer from user for age, like basic code).

    It's kind of like cooking. You can make a cake using flour, eggs, etc. (the C concept) or open a box of cake mix (the BASIC concept).
    Good example.
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    I started this thread. And hope this might be the end. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

    I wasn’t developing any windows based application using C. I understand that if my requirement is to break an egg, choosing a hammer would be a wrong choice. I am learning C as part of my curriculum. I was wondering how can I print my output (of my programs written in C ).

    I referred many books and I saw nothing then this thought also came into my mind, ‘either it is not easy, or it can be very silly’. Printing was very easy with dbase, so I thought it won’t be that big a thing with C, who gave birth to dbase and found that it is not an easy job. I am not questioning the abilities of C. I was using a C program (apart from dbase, Clipper and COBOL based ones) in my office which had many printing options; this was about 10 years ago.

    In a restaurant scenario, being with dbase was more or less like ordering what I want looking at the menu. And also I had the freedom to choose how much sugar or cream I want in my coffee. But being with C can be like having a seat in the kitchen itself, with all the ingredients around me. I have more choice, more control….but now things mainly depends on how good a chef I am….

    Like almost everything, C too has its plus and minus, in its original form and I am not sure about the later members of this family like c#. I believe C is still is a very capable language. But if we have a choice, we can choose the best one depending upon our requirement. And I am happy to know that the language I started learning is still very much alive and lots of hot discussions are happening here in this forum.
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