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    K&R question

    I am reading the second edition of this great book and I have a question about a function that can be found on page 69. Here is the function:
    int getline(char s[], int lim)
        int c, i;
        i = 0;
        while (--lim > 0 && (c = getchar()) != EOF && c != '\n')
            s[i++] = c;
        if (c == '\n')
            s[i++] = c;
        s[i] = '\0';
        return i;
    Why, instead of writing the code highlighted in red the authors did not just write something like this?
    while (--lim > 0 && (c = getchar()) != EOF)

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    Because to get a line, you should stop at a newline. And if it way a newline, and was not EOF or limit, the newline is post-fixed to the buffer.

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    Because then the newline would be part of the s string and then it would keep looping. He wants the loop to stop at newlines. For instance, if I wrote:

    "Hello World!\nHow are you?"

    Without that line, the s string would read

    "Hello World!\nHow are you?"

    with it, after the if statement, it reads

    "Hello World!\n"
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