Thread: Harmful To Disk??

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    Harmful To Disk??

    Hi...Ive finished writing a program to help with studying. I plan on distributing it aswell. I would like to know, before i give it to people if the program could be bad for the hard drive.(Just in case)

    The user can enter 100 questions and answers into 4 different areas. It is stored on a 4 dimensional array and every time the user enters a new question, the whole array is stored to disk. The size of the output file is 500kb. I would like to know if writing this much to disk too often will harm it. It will not be used too much, probably about 30 questions for 1 or 2 subjects. (So about 60 writes per half-year) maybe more. So would writing this much be harmful??

    PS. i didnt want to make it so that the array is saved before the program closes in case the program crashes, or in case they exit illegally, because they would lose their work. Thanks.

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    If your hard drive can't handle a 500K file, then you should buy a new hard drive.

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    Intense reading and writing won't harm your disks but will affect speed and since you said your program will only be used 60 times per half-year it doesn't make speed an important issue.

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    Thanks Guys

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