Thread: How to pass data between 2 Threads

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    Question How to pass data between 2 Threads

    Hi All,

    My program has 2 threads, a MainThread and a ChildThread. Each thread has its own queue .
    Every time the ChildThread receives data, it put in its queue and send that data to MainThread and MainThread keep track that data in its own queue also.
    void *Main_Thread(void)
        Queue mainQueue;
        // wait to receive data from Child Thread
    void * Child_Thread(void)
       Queue childQueue;
       // wait for data arrive and put in the queue
      //  send the data to Main Thread to put in its queue
    Does anyone know how to pass data between Threads?

    Thank you very much for your help.
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    Use a shared memory resource.

    Don't forget to access them via protected methods. e.g. InterlockedXxx in Windows.
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    Question, from the look of it I want to guess your using pthreads. If that is the case, then you use a global queue, which both threads will be able to access. If you this though, in order to keep one thread from accessing it while the other one is, look into mutexs
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