Thread: fgets problem!

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    fgets problem!

    this is my code:

    #define size 100
    int main()
    char strsrc[size];
    char strtmp[size];
    printf("\n Enter String:= "); 
    printf("\n Entered string \"%s\" ispalindrome",strsrc);
    printf("\n Entered string \"%s\" is not palindrome",strsrc);
    when i try to compile it ... its gives me this error new line at the end of file function main : too few arguments to function 'fgets'

    would you please explain why this is happening and what the solution might be...

    by the way... this code should be able to read strings with whitespaces and punctuation marks in it ?

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    > new line at the end of file
    So put one in then
    Use the editor, go to the last line, press return and save.

    > function main : too few arguments to function 'fgets'
    fgets takes 3 parameters, just search for one of the 1000's of examples on the rest of the board, or just read the manual page.

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    now i got rid of the last two problems....

    but its giving me a new problem

    in function main
    undefined reference to strrev
    collect2: id returned 1 exit status

    what might be the problem now ? how can i solve it ?

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    what compiler/os are you using? it works under mine, in signature
    below, after one small change regarding fgets. fgets reads in
    the newline character '\n' if the entered string is less than the
    maximum allowed, so you need to remove this as when reversing
    the string this will be moved around as well. when calling
    fgets, use:

    char *p;
    fgets(strsrc, size, stdin);
    if ((p = strchr (strsrc, '\n')) != NULL)
            *p = '\0';
    back to your main problem, really need to know your details to
    help. it is in fact possible that your compiler does not have
    strrev - i once had a compiler that had math.h but did not have
    the pow () function!
    No No's:
    fflush (stdin); gets (); void main ();

    Example of fgets (); The FAQ, C/C++ Reference

    My Gear:
    OS - Windows XP
    IDE - MS Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

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    strrev isn't a standard c function.

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