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    my program is as follows:

    #define size 100
    void main()
    char strsrc[size];
    char strtmp[size];
    printf("\n Enter String:= "); 
    printf("\n Entered string \"%s\" ispalindrome",strsrc);
    printf("\n Entered string \"%s\" is not 
    what i did so far is wait for a user input and then check for palindromes. How do i change it so that I can use a file with a few lines to check each line if it is a palindrome and go on till the eof.

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    > void main()
    main returns an int

    > gets(strsrc);
    NEVER use gets, always use fgets()
    See the FAQ.
    Also, when you use fgets(), the answer to how to read from a file becomes pretty self evident, you just replace the stdin with the open file of your choice.

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