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    Filelist Question

    i have been working on some programs with file I/O. I want to display a list of the files in the containing folder without the file extension. Currently I am using this
    system("dir/b *.dat");
    That works but it displays the .dat extension and I owuld not like it to do that. I would either like to know how to make that system command only look for files without a file extension and then I would not need to save it as a .dat or I would need to print out the system command but taking away that file extension. If anyone could tell me which of those is possible and/or easier that would be great thanks!

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    why don't you write the code to read the directory yourself. Its not that difficult. see _findfirstfile() and _findnextfile() or win32 api FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile(). *nix is a little different.

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    Isn't this in the FAQ?

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