Thread: convert array type ??

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    convert array type ??

    Hello every body
    how i can convert array type :
    char f[12] ;
    to the follwoing type :
    char *f ;

    because i want to use string saved in f[12] in the follwoing instruction :

    fopen(char *f,mode)


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    When passing an array to a function, either array notation or pointer notation can be used

    void function(char *f);
    void function(char f[]);

    are the same, but only in the context of function calls.

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    Thanks for reply
    i try the code it doesn't work

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    It should give you an error or a warning then, if it does then post that. I'm not sure, but I think fopen may require a string constant, not an array. That could also be the problem, the only calls to fopen that I've seen have looked like this:
    FILE *f;
    f = fopen("filename.ext", "r");

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    Hello ,
    Thank you .Your code is correct

    FILE *f;
    f = fopen("filename.ext", "r");

    but my problem is : i need fopen not only work with filename.txt .What i need is at run time fopen take filenames automtically from text file or from certain directry then deal with it

    therefore , when i write :

    char fileName[20] ;
    at compilation there is no problem
    but at run time i get :
    segmantation fault .WHY !!!!!!

    Pleeease i need support

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    That should be fine.

    Segmentation fault could really mean just about anything when it comes to problems in your program.

    Is fileName null terminated? Try doing something like this:

    #define DEBUG_PRINT { \
            printf("I'm still working...\n"); \
            fflush(stdout); }
    and pepper DEBUG_PRINT inside the main function. The error will be right after the last DEBUG_PRINT that shows and the next DEBUG_PRINT in the source. Scatter inside other functions as needed.

    BTW, fflush(stdout) might not be in <stdin.h> depending on the system, you can eliminate it in that case, it should still work OK.
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