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    float to unsigned char

    Please observe the following code:

    *(image->data + j + (i * image->width)) = (1/sqrt(2.0)) * sum;
    *(image->data + j + (i * image->width))
    This left hand side points to a memory space of type 'unsigned char'.

    sum is a variable of type float.

    My issue is I need the left hand side to store the number from the right hand side in the 'unsigned char' data space.

    This is because the right handside values are in the range 0-255. Therefore I do NOT need the extra space that int offers.

    But the problem is the left handside just inteprets the number from the right hand side as an ASCII code. This I don't want to happen.

    I want to store actual number i.e. if I get 255, then store 255 on the left hand side.

    I've tried casting the right handside, but no luck.

    I'm sure I'm missing some fundamental point here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cblix
    I'm sure I'm missing some fundamental point here.
    Probably just how you are observing the value.
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    An "ASCII code" is just a integer number between 0 and 255 that can be stored in a byte. If you view it as a character, you'll see a graphic (if there is one for that code), if you view it as an unsigned byte value, you'll see an integer with a value between 0 and 255. The ASCII character 'A' has a value of 65 viewed as a decimal number.
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