Thread: How come this works?

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    How come this works?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    struct node {
        void *data;
        struct node *next;
    struct node *rootp = NULL;
    void append(char *str)
        struct node *newnode = malloc(sizeof(struct node));
        newnode->data = str;
        newnode->next = NULL;
        if (rootp == NULL)
            rootp = newnode;
        else {
            struct node *walker = rootp;
            while (walker->next != NULL)
                walker = walker->next;
            walker->next= newnode;
    void mostrar_lista(void)
        struct node *walker = rootp;
        while (walker != NULL) {
            printf("%s\n", walker->data);
            walker = walker->next;
    int main(void)
        return 0;
    foo, bar, and C! are not copied to anywhere so how can I point to something that "doesn't exist"?

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    String literals do exist.
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