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    External Application

    Alright, so I've tried reading some tutorials and such, but basically I'm pretty new to programming and couldn't figure this one out. I've been using a batch file to backup logs and my mail box in a password protected winrar file (code below) which is then copied to a thumbdrive so I can easily backup and transfer between my laptop and desktop computers. I'm trying to convert this to an application so that my password is not out in the open in the batch file. I've tried many different attempts at getting this working but can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    @echo off
    :: Delete Original Archives
    DEL /Q E:\Private\Profiles\Logs.rar
    DEL /Q E:\Private\Profiles\ThunderbirdProfile.rar
    :: Create Archive
    cd "C:\Program Files\App"
    "C:\Program Files\Utilities\WinRAR\rar.exe" a -hpPASS -r -m5 E:\Private\Profiles\Logs.rar logs
    "C:\Program Files\Utilities\WinRAR\rar.exe" a -hpPASS -r -m5 E:\Private\Profiles\ThunderbirdProfile.rar "C:\Thunderbird"

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    I've tried the method's described in the FAQ but could not get it to work at all.

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