Hi all, here's the source code from my first "real" program, hope you enjoy it

Thanks to all of you who helped, w/o your help, certainly couldn't have done it.

I was gonna go post it under my other thread, and not make a new one, but that one isn't getting any new replies, so better to make a new thread.

The program works like Mad-Libs, where it asks for a verb, noun, or whatever, and puts it in a story.

Oh yeah, one quick question as well: I'm running WinXp, and you know how you can usually right click on a program and select properties, and be able to choose a different icon for it from a list or standard windows icons that come with windows? Well, on my console program, in order to make it look professional I wanted to change the icon, so I right clicked and choose properties, but there was no option to change the icon. Anybody know a way around this? Because that *really* sucks