Thread: two different gcc versions found?

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    two different gcc versions found?

    Hi there,

    I admin this FreeBSD machine and for some reason I am finding there are two different gcc versions on the box. Is there any benefit or need for having the different versions?

    --- snip ---

    pkg_info | grep gcc
    gcc-3.2.3_3 GNU Compiler Collection 3.2.3
    gcc-3.4.6_20060110 GNU Compiler Collection 3.4

    --- snip ---


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    I'd google on this to see what you can find. It's possible the system wants a known version for building packages, while allowing you any version you want for your own development. It's been years since I've used freebsd, and this is just a guess on my part.

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    some applications require features of a specific version, so even though backwards compatability is strived for in gcc, it doesn't always happen.

    or, more simply, an update, security or bugfix, put the newer version on the system
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