Thread: Bolding inputs?

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    Bolding inputs?

    I've been checking many combinations of phrases on Yahoo, Google, and even tried a search here, so I just decided to post my question.

    Something as such:

    main ()
       int name;
       printf("Have user enter interger -> ");
       scanf("%i, &name);
       return 0;
    Not a great example, but, I was wondering if anyone could give me some help on how I would make what the user imputs become bold, such as if they entered a 5, it would be 5 instead of 5.

    Thanks for help in advance, sorry for what probably is a very trivial question

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    You can't do that with standard C -- you need to explore extensions available to your os ... ie, like ansi escape codes

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    Which basically means, tell us which OS/Compiler you have

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