Thread: check out this tutorial plz...even experts

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    check out this tutorial plz...even experts

    While i was searching for a good tutorials(after finishing the one on this site)...i found a site with links to lots of tutorials and it said that this is the best on the net...can u plz check out the exercises for every section because i tried to solve them but the strange thing is that in order to solve them you have to know further sections....for examples the first section in declarations there;s a questions that needs using if the looping section....some examples need using arrays while the arrays section are explained after these exercises.

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    It looks pretty old:
    #include <stdio.h>
    char char1;     /* first character */
    char char2;     /* second character */
    char char3;     /* third character */
        char1 = 'A';
        char2 = 'B';
        char3 = 'C';
        (void)printf("%c%c%c reversed is %c%c%c\n",
            char1, char2, char3,
            char3, char2, char1);
        return (0);
    Try this site's tutorials or get a book.

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