Thread: Never encounter such coding

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    Never encounter such coding

    Hi all,

    i have never encounter a code that is written this way. From my experience, isn't a code is suppose to end when ; is encounter? So why is the following code has a \ after ; . can someone explain to me what the following code means?

    #define a   (b |= ~c); \          //What is \ after ;
                (d |= e); \
                (f &= ~g); \
                (h |= i);

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    It's just a line continuation.
    #defines can only exist on one line, so it's just a nice way of saying

    #define a (b |= ~c); (d |= e); (f &= ~g); (h |= i);

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    your code tells a preprocessor (a specialised text editor) to replace a in your source code with:
    (b |= ~c);    
    (d |= e); 
    (f &= ~g);
    (h |= i);
    before it is actually compiled.

    a #define ... terminates at the end of line. putting \ there continues that line (to the one below).

    that bit of code (#define a ...) is not actually c, which you are lead to believe. i've read that the syntax of the preprocessor is completely different to c.

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    The preprocessor is part of the C language. So it is actually C. It's behaviour is defined by the C standard.

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    I see, i see....well that should clear all the clouds...Thanks guys (or gals)...

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