Thread: Won't Execute, Help Please.

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    Won't Execute, Help Please.

    Hi! Firstly i'm a computer dummie . I'm taking a Programming C class and what great fun it is! Yippies!

    Anywayz I really need help. I have lotsa homeworkie and I have to do them at home most of the time , sooooo I downloaded a free programming c ... program because I didn't want to spend 100~200$ on the microsoft one. The program is called Bloodshed C++, scary name for such a program, and I do my c programming on that! after it's done (my homework)and all I run it. It's fine! YIPPIE ! Next I execute it! That's where i'm having trouble. I see a box pop up and then it disappears in like SPLIT SECONDS! I think that was the program box that took me oh so long to do and I can't even see the sweat of my labor! After a few homework assignments I notice that SOMETIMES I can execute it fine and see the program in that black box thingy but MOST of the time it pop up and closes itself in split seconds. I'm getting concerned because my homework is getting hard and I need to make sure if my programs are correct.... Help please. What is wrong with it?!?!?!?

    Your computer dummie!

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    First wrong forum,

    Second what your seeing is a console which closes when no more input is required.

    to fix that see The faq

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    Moved to C forum.

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    Execute the exe via command prompt. Or use something like
    //If that doesnt work in c:
    cin << SomeVaraible;
    Error W8057 C:\\Life.cpp: Invalid number of arguments in function run(Brain *)

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    since you said c programming and not c++, but are using a c++ compiler (dev cpp, not bloodshed - thats the website you download from...i think) that the others were mistaken in criticising you, and as a result, their code won't work for you... well it will, but if you're learning c and not c++, you wont see it in your books. what you want is exactly what they said - a user prompt. see this faq - covers c and c++ so whichever you're learning.
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    Example of fgets (); The FAQ, C/C++ Reference

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