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    Hi, I just finished my newest invention, the color library.
    It is made for changing fg color / bg color in console apps.
    Simply place the file in your includes directory, look at the colorcodes, find YOUR combo, #include <colorlib.h>, SetConsoleTextAttribute ( h, [color code] );, and you're good to go!

    OH, if this is the wrong section, and is just for support, go ahead and move it.

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    It's in the wrong section because SetConsoleTextAttribute is not a standard C function. I assume this is directed at Windows?

    Also, I wouldn't call it a library, it's a header with a long list of #defines.

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    It's a sort of library.
    Well, I said that a mod could move it.
    It'll make code shorter by a bit, ppl won't have to write stuff like FOREGROUND_RED | BACKGROUND_BLUE and stuff, just one, simple little color code.

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