Thread: Remove new line (/n) from string

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    Remove new line (/n) from string

    Hi...can someone please help me with the above as its preventing my strstr function from performing correctly....any pointers much appreciated as I am a beginner....

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    char *p = strchr( buff, '\n' ) if ( p ) *p = '\0';

    If you're reading input using fgets(), this is all discussed in the FAQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem
    char *p = strchr( buff, '\n' ) if ( p ) *p = '\0';
    Just a minor nit... A missing ';', it should read
    char *p = strchr( buff, '\n' ); if ( p ) *p = '\0';
    Salem knows this, it's just a typo...
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    And don't forget <string.h>.

    Here's the relevant FAQ entry:

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