Thread: fgets not working after fgetc

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    fgets not working after fgetc

    I have code and I first retrieve a character using fgetc (using the file pointer of "stdin"). Then after a couple of printf functions, I try to do fgets from "stdin" but the prompt doesn't come up.

    I took out the fgetc to make sure my syntax and use of fgets was not wrong, and fgets worked when I editted out fgetc. When I put fgetc back in before the fgets, the fgets function didn't work again.

    What could be causing this?? Any fix for this?


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    "The prompt doesn't come back up again" If I'm interpreting you correctly, your program isn't prompting the user for input. This is probably because there already is input, from when it prompted the user during the first fgetc(). Something like this is probably occuring:
    fgetc() called: user inputs text...
    fgets() called, data still to be read from stdin, that data is read, user not prompted.
    Remember: You might even be typing just "a<enter>" but that <enter> does come through.
    Ask youself: What does fgets() read in from stdin? (And check? Is it really nothing, or whitespace, such as a newline?)

    Edit: Posting code helps get a more exact answer. Otherwise, we have to base our help on assumptions.
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    >What could be causing this??
    It sounds like the Enter key got stuck in your stream. When you use fgetc or any of its buddies to read a single character, the stream actually gets two characters because you have to hit Enter:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main ( void )
      int c;
      printf ( "Type one character: " );
      fflush ( stdout );
      if ( ( c = fgetc ( stdin ) ) != EOF ) {
        printf ( "You typed %d\n", c );
        printf ( "I also got %d\n", fgetc ( stdin ) );
      return 0;
    That's one of the stumbling blocks of C's line oriented streams, but it's easy to fix with a fun little function like this that you can call just before you call fgets:
    void flush_input ( FILE *in )
      int c;
      while ( ( c = fgetc ( in ) ) != EOF && c != '\n' )
      clearerr ( in );

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    Perfect! Thanks for the help, it's all up and working now.

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