Thread: Why the function behave like that?

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    Why the function behave like that?

    Can anyone check the code?
    Copy all lines below and give a name.c and compile, run with 3 command line arguments.

    Add New: create_group_of_usrs.c
    Descrip: create a group of user from file
    Update : 11th Oct, 2001 */

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <time.h>

    #define SESSION_ID_FILE "session_id_file"
    #define SESSION_ID_FILE_SIZE 1024

    int get_session_id(long parent_id, long *session_id)
    FILE *fp;
    time_t t;
    struct stat *file_stat;



    /* Problem start here*/
    stat(SESSION_ID_FILE, file_stat); /*This line is responsible*/

    /* How can I compare ?*/
    if(file_stat->st_size >= SESSION_ID_FILE_SIZE)
    fp = fopen(SESSION_ID_FILE,"w");
    /* Problem End here*/

    fp = fopen(SESSION_ID_FILE,"a");

    if(fp==NULL) printf("File Open Error\n");;
    return 0;

    fprintf(fp,"%ld %ld %ld\n",*session_id,t,parent_id);

    return 0;

    int main (int argc, char *argv[])
    long parent_id=4678;
    long session_id;

    printf("<!-- : %s : %s : %s :-->\n",argv[1],argv[2],argv[3]);
    /**Statement Okay*/
    get_session_id(parent_id, &session_id);
    printf("<!-- : %s : %s : %s :-->\n",argv[1],argv[2],argv[3]);
    /**Statement: Segmentation error*/

    return 0;
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    It could be a lot of help if you could post the problems you faced and the objective of the program.

    Anyway, here is the bug.

    you have defined
    struct stat *file_stat;

    which conflicts with
    stat(SESSION_ID_FILE, file_stat);
    since stat is a structure which you are trying to use as a function.

    Hope this helps.
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