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    Question Alternative to switch/case?

    Hi I'm new to C and was wondering whether there is a better way to solve my problem than a switch( ) case statment.

    I'm trying to decode a byte of data from an ICMP packet, because it's a byte, it can have 256 different values, with most of the values relating to a different piece of content. Currently i am using this method:

    switch (value)
      case 0:    printf("0 echo reply");
      case 1:    printf("1 unassigned");
      case 2:    printf("2 unassigned");
      case 3:    printf("3 destination unreachable")
      case 4;    printf("4 source quench")
    ..... and so on and so on......... until 255
    As you can imagine this method is quite time consuming, is there a better/more efficient way to do this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    const char *content[] = {
      "echo reply",
      "destination unreachable",
      "source quench"
      ... and so on until 255
    printf ( "%d %s", value, content[value] );

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