Thread: Having troubles inputing information, program shuts down automatically

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    Having troubles inputing information, program shuts down automatically

    first I'd like to apologize, I have troubles learning if not everything is explained to me.

    else I am learning C and going through the tutorial, it was explaining the variables. Now I wasnt too shocked to find 4 errors in my work so I copy/pasted the example to see how it was done right.

    most of you know this example, the input/output one. enter a number it goes to a variable and it is printed on the screen.

    well, and I knew there was this code for it, hitting enter shuts the program down. even with the gletcher code it doesnt pause long enough to post the output. How do you input the number without shutting the program down first?

    Thank you for time and help, (i couldnt find it in FAQ)
    Sorry for being new at programming, I just recently finnished learning basic webscripting.

    Also I dont know if it matters much but for information sake, I am using the Dev-C++ program suggested in tutorial. Thanks

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    Assuming you use windows, you could put

    just before the return, but if not, then you could pause it yourself with something as such:

    char c = getchar();

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    ok thanks alot.

    it works perfectly, I am now able to continue
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    int ch;
    while((ch=getchar())!='\n' && ch!=EOF);

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