Thread: newbie here

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    newbie here

    could someone please explain the difference between:

    *ptr and ptr*

    thanks in advance

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    Ho humm..
    Here are someexamples of the unary *...

    int i = 6; // Declares an int named i (and gives it the value 6).
    int * iptr; // Declares an int pointer named iptr.
    // We can change the value of iptr...
    iptr = NULL;
    iptr = &i;
    iptr = malloc(sizeof(int));
    //Note that NULL, &i and the return of malloc are all memory
    // locations, not ints.
    // But to change the int that is is pointing to, we have to use *
    *iptr = 0;
    *iptr = i;
    *iptr += 3;
    *iptr = INT_MAX;
    The unary * is used for two purposes... first, we use it to declare pointers, second, we use it to access the memory pointed to by a pointer. There is no reason to have the * after a variable name, unless you are multiplying.
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    *ptr and ptr*

    I have seen the * used on the right side in type casting, ie:

    int comp(const void *i, const void *j)
    return *(int*)i - *(int*)j;

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