Thread: Pattern matching problem with fscanf. Any suggestions?

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    Pattern matching problem with fscanf. Any suggestions?

    Hello all. I've been trying so many combinations of this that my head has gone to jelly and i'm probably doing stupid things. Anyways. My program reads data from a file. some examples are:

    IDEN var1
    OPER +
    OPER :=
    DIGI 89
    STRN 'This is a string'

    previously this would work:

    char *first,*second;
    //some malloc stuff here
    fscanf(file, "%s %s", first, second);
    IDEN would be in first and var1 would be in second and so on.
    appart from the STRN one. it puts "STRN" in first all right, but only " 'This "in second.

    I've being trying lots of different variations of this and it either seg faults or gives useless output
    and don't forget that the solution still has to work for the previous IDEN, OPER and DIGI tags too....

    anyone have any thoughts? i'd be eternally greatful....

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    (fscanf(file, "%s %s", first, second);
    What's that for? Is it a typo?

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    whoops yes typo. sorry. tis not in my actual code

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    How about something like this?
          char line[128], first[64], second[64];
          while ( fgets(line, sizeof line, file) != NULL )
             if ( sscanf(line, "%63s %63[^\n]", first, second) == 2 )
                printf("%s %s\n", first, second);
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    aye....that works!
    Ta very muchly!

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