Thread: popen and fgets

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    popen and fgets

    Hello, I need to make a program to read a text file and set it to a label...

    I thought I could use fgets and popen to do it but I'm lost on programming it!!

    Check out the code:

    FILE *page= (FILE *)popen("cat rox.txt","r");
    GtkWidget * label = lookup_widget(GTK_WIDGET(button), "label1");

    I know that gtk_label_set_text is waiting a gchar, and I'm not sending a gchar, that's why I thought fgets would help but I couldn't do it too...

    I'm lost, if anyone could please write these 3 lines of code working to set the label with a textfile would help a lot.

    I've read much on google I'm almost giving it up...

    Thanks for reading.

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    Read text from the file using fread().

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    > FILE *page= (FILE *)popen("cat rox.txt","r");
    1. What's the point of casting?
    2. What's the point of popen?

    I mean, all you've achieved here is
    FILE *page = fopen( "rox.txt", "r" );

    > I know that gtk_label_set_text is waiting a gchar, and I'm not sending a gchar
    So read a line
    char buff[BUFSIZ];
    fgets ( buff, BUFSIZ, page );

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