Thread: please help me--random printing

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    Question please help me--random printing

    Can somebody help me with the following logic-- how to do it

    I need to print a page once every 25 transactions but -- which transaction it prints for should be random.

    I mean it might print for 1 st transaction in the first 25 transactions and print for 35th transaction in the next 25 transactions(25-50)-- basically this should be random making sure that it is printing only once every 25 transactions starting from 1.

    please help me with this.....

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    Something like this ?
    struct transaction {
    int main() {
       #define MAXTRANS 1000;
       transaction transactions[MAXTRANS];
       for ( int i = 0; i < MAXTRANS / 25; ++i ) {
          int rnd = rand() % 25;
          printit( transactions[i*25 +rnd] );

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    Thanks a lot for the prompt reply but I do not have MAXTRANS..maximum number of transactions and I have to print not the transaction but a same page for every random transaction selected

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    Have a loop that just keeps repeating as long as you have transactions. In the loop:

    - Pick a random number between 1 and 25
    - Keep count of the number of transactions. If this number matches your random number, print a report.
    - Increment your count of the transactions. If it's now over 25, set it equal to 1 again.

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