Thread: Iterations and convergence

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    Iterations and convergence

    I'm having some problems figuring out how to write a
    code that would make an iteration stop after, for
    example, there is no more difference between result
    from one previous step of iteration and result from
    current (last) step of iteration. I only know how
    to manually write the number of iterations but I
    would like the computer to determine itself how
    many are needed and then stop. Here is the example from code:

    for (iter=0; iter<=40; iter++)
    for (i=1; i<=2; i++)
    for (j=1; j<=2; j++)
    for (i=1; i<=2; i++)
    for (j=1; j<=2; j++)
    Basically, g[i][j] is small example array of 4 x 4
    elements and the formula written above takes values
    from surroundig elements and updates the g[i][j]
    value 40 times. With every iteration there is less
    and less difference between last value and the new value.
    How would this code above have to be modified so
    that this is done automatically, ..I mean - that
    you don't have to do "guessing" the number of
    iterations and that iterations stop after there
    is some minimal difference between last and new value?


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