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    Instant Messenger for DOS

    I have been looking around for a DOS Based Instant Messenger interface program. Something such as Gaim or Trillian but non GUI with a simple Command line interface. I have not been able to find anything of the nature, so I thought to myself, how difficult could it be to code, simple socket based interface using specific protocols. I need to get onboard the socket programming wagon, so to speak, however before I start programming this. Someone, perhaps one of you advanced programmers, those who love more than others to boast upon their programming skill, I call upon you now, think of me not merely as one man, think of me as all those who cling on to the simple era of DOS and command line interface. Someone, make this, and license this under the GNU public license, or if you already have, please let me know.

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    try naim look it up on google it what you want.

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