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    Question Good books for learning?

    Hi, I'm looking for some good books that I can learn C with I some I like and was wondering if there are more out there?
    I have "The C Programming Lanauge", "C Programming for Dummies", and "Black Art of 3D Game Programming".


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    Well, here's the thing...
    The C Programming Language does not cover how to program. It's really just a book that discusses the structure of the language. You need to already know how to program in order to read this book.
    C Programming for Dummies I know nothing about, so perhaps it is a good book... *shrug*.
    Black Art of 3D Game Programming I didn't actually read this book, but I get the feeling this is kinda like trying to learn Physics from Einstein's Relativity.

    Personally, I learned C from a book called "Programming in C", by a man named "King". Really though, it seems like pretty much all the textbooks say the same stuff, so it shouldn't matter which one, as long as you know you are using an introductary C programming book.

    C Programming for Dummies sounds like an okay book really, just go through it, program all the examples from cover to cover, and at the end of it, you'll hopefully be a C programmer. If for some reason, you find this book is not adequate, you should try asking friends who know C, or try your local library (if you have access to a University library, then I would most certainly go there). There are so many extra C books floating around that noone needs anymore, it shouldn't be too hard to grab something.
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    It's not really necessary to know how to program when starting with The C Programming Language. On school I learned C with this book.

    Study the examples, do the excercises, create your own programs. Try to understand how the language is constructed.

    After that you should read a book on programming, that is, a book on algorithms and datastructures. The further you come with understanding C and programming, you will discover: Programming is great!

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    C for dummies

    I'm reading C for dummies right now. It seems to be a good book to learn. It is just a little out dated though.

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    Post Volume 2

    try "C For Dummies Volume 2"

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    Read my post here .

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    I remember C For Dummies (both volumes)....they were good reads, and just a generally wonderful programming book series. I highly recommend it fro newcomers to the language

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    Personally, I learned C from ... a man named "King".

    Personally I didn't care for the 'C For Dummies' books, that's why I mailed them to some programmer in California just to get them out of my sight.

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