Thread: Need help writing a program that reads from a file and converts it to binary.

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    Need help writing a program that reads from a file and converts it to binary.

    Hello folks. I am trying to teach myself C and am having little luck so far. I can follow the books examples fairly well but when it comes time to write my own program, I get stuck.
    The book has me write a little self-test program but offers no help whatsoever. The program is supposed to read the following from a .txt file (ASCII format):

    01 801
    02 901
    03 802
    04 902
    05 803
    06 903
    07 804
    08 904
    09 805
    10 905

    It is then supposed to convert only the second set of numbers to binary! (Exclude the first, like 01-10).
    EX: Instead of converting 01 801 to binary, it is only supposed to convert 801!

    Does anyone have any idea on how to do this? Any help is appreciated as I am completely stuck and since the book does not have a coded example I donít even know where to start. I can skip this example but I do not wish to because I actually want to know how to do this.
    If anyone has coded something like this before, can you please post your code? If I canít do it, I would at least like to see what it looks like.



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