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    Question Header Files

    I finished a project and a got a 48/50 on it but the points I lost where due to it being one day late and not making a header file. So now I am going back and trying to make a header file (for self satisfaction) and my question is how do I make and complie a header file with the program.... here is what I tried:

    I took the things my teacher wanted in the header, and placed them in a new file (hangman.h). This is what the file looks like:

    void menu(int *option);
    void players(int *player);
    void playGame(char word[], char list[][32], int player, int count, char usedWord
    void getList(char word[], char list[][32], int *count);
    void getWord(char word[], char list[][32], char usedWords[], int count);
    void enterWord(char word[]);
    void guessWord(char word[]);
    void drawMan(int numWrong);
    void listWrong(char wrongLetters[], int i, char guess);
    void listText(char wrongLetters[], int numWrong, char guess, char blanks[]);
    I then placed
    at the begining of my hangman.c file.

    I tried a few different complies but it didn't seem to work right.

    So how should I complie it? And is there a way to complie the header once, so you don't have to recomplie it? (So if you wanted to reuse the header, no extra compile time).

    (I believe my teacher said .:gcc project.c header.o -o project:. would add header.o to project.c and complie project.c. But how do you get header.h to header.o O o. Of course I could be a complete idiot and be way off... so if you aren't sure what I am talking about, but get the idea I don't either, let me know XD)

    (I have a class in ten minutes, and then work till three or four. So if I don't reply right away, I apologize ^^; )
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    You don't need to do any of that. You shouldn't anyway. Change the < > to " ", and put the header file in the same folder as your C file.

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    > But how do you get header.h to header.o

    The long way (you only compile what you need to)
    gcc -c hangman.c
    gcc -c project.c
    gcc -o project project.o hangman.o

    The -c option compiles the source into object files, but doesn't attempt to link the file with other object files or libraries.

    The short way (everything gets compiled every time)
    gcc -o project project.c hangman.c

    Naturally, this gets boring and error prone if you have lots of files, which is why people use makefiles later on to automate the process.

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