Thread: Help with Chess Program! please!!

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    Help with Chess Program! please!!

    Hi guys. I really your help, I struggling to pass this C programming course. I have this project which is %40 of my grade. Can someone please help, I know this is really lame but I can't do it on my own.
    "Write a chess program that plays against a human player. The use gets to choose if he/she wants to play with white or black piece. The input to the program will be from A2,A3 for example indicating that price at A2 is to be move to A3. The computer has to choose the best possile move during its turn and play it. The computer prints out its moves in the same format as above. "

    Thank alot for helping me! I know some of you have good hearts out there.

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    We have good hearts, and good rules.

    Homework Policy:

    The purpose of these board is not for other people to do your homework for you. Try things out work on your own, homework has a purpose. If you still have trouble with a specific piece of code or concept please feel free to ask. But please do not ask people to do your entire homework for you, it simply annoys people most of the time.

    Another rule is if a thread has been closed for breach of the rules, you don't get extra points for opening another thread on the same topic.
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