Thread: adding 16bit and 32 bit integers

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    adding 16bit and 32 bit integers

    Hi all

    How would i go about creating a function to add 2 16bit and 2 32bit integers together and return a long integer result. i dont even know where to start. Please help

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    long foo(short a, short b, long c, long d)
       return a+b+c+d;
    I guess the above is what you mean? There is no guarentee that sizeof(short) = 16 bits or sizeof(long) = 32 bits, but they are that size on *nix and MS-windows.

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    Be careful of overflows. If the result ever becomes larger than 2^32 (or whatever a long is on your system (the ^ is power-of, not XOR in this case)) then your result will be undefined.
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