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    Why couldn't he have just said, "Hey, can you give me your errors so I can see what the problem is", but instead he decides to list all of the things you did wrong and then procedes to post a link "How to ask questions the smart way", a sly way to call you dumb. I guess 6,000+ posts gives this guy the right to be a tool.
    I guess you think it's easier more efficient for the regulars on this board, the people volunteering their time to help people, to ask the same questions time and time again rather than having the person that actually needs the help to give enough information for the helpers to actually help them. Seriously, if you're going to come ask for help, at least make it as easy as possible for people to figure out exactly what the hell you're trying to do so you can get an answer. You see, we see it as rude when people just come here and ask some half-assed question and expect a response. It makes the poster seem lazy and just looking for some freebie code that they can plagiarize and turn in as their own work. These people are lucky they get any reply at all. They should count themselves lucky that someone actually took the time to ask them to better explain what they're trying to do.

    Seriously, read that smart questions link. You could definitely use the information.
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