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    trying to learn c

    hey im learning c at the moment but i have a windows and a linux system. Is it possible to be able to learn it for both operating systems? are there any noticable differences i should take note of?

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    Learn the language, not a platform. The C language doesn't care anything about what platform it's run on. If all you're using is the standard functions, you'll never have to worry about what platform you're on. Unless you're trying to be portable due to endianness, but ignore that for now.

    All of the standard functions behave the same way on either platform.

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    Although Quzah is correct that the C language is the same in all environments so long as you stick to the standard constructs and library calls, there are some significant differences between compilers in those libraries in how they extend the standard. Assuming that you're writing console (text-based) apps, the differences are minimal, and you won't really need to worry about those differences until you've learned more of the language. For graphical applications (that is, apps that create windows, dialog boxes, etc.) the differences are more obvious. Again, a lot has to do with the compiler and libraries you're using -- there are packages for Linux and Windows that allow you to create apps that can be compiled for both without source code changes.

    I'd suggest starting with console apps on Windows and text-based apps on Linux until you have a good feel for the language, and for programming in general.
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    Good luck Wizzard_IX

    The only advice I can give you is to perservere. Programming can be very challenging at times... but it is also very rewarding :-)

    Good luck.

    Hope to see you around over here.


    P.S. I'm learning C also.

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    are there any noticable differences i should take note of?
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