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    Angry header files

    I am usnig Windows98 and Visual studio 6.0 programming in C.

    The assignment that I am working on has the requirement to use a header file that we create and include in the c code. I have created the header file in the usual way by going to file, new and then choosing c/c++ header file. The name of the file is assign12.h. When I try to include this file I get the error that it does not exist. It has been saved, along with my project. The file names are typed correctly.

    My instructor in class said that you create the file in the same manner as a standard C file. She never said that we have to do anything else.

    Many thanks to whoever can help me.

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    Is the header in the same directoriy as the program?

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    The header file is in the same directory as the c source code.

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    Did you try to save it in the same folder as the rest of the headers?

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    Hmm... could we see...
    1) The #include statements in your source file...
    2) The name of the header file, and
    3) The contents of the headerfile
    Callou collei we'll code the way
    Of prime numbers and pings!

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    I think probably the most likely explanation is that you are trying to use a #include line like a library header :

    #include <assign12.h>

    rather than the way you need to :

    #include "assign12.h"

    the difference is that the compiler looks in a different directory for ones surrounded with < > than " ". Make sure you still use < > for any includes that were already there, you can't just replace all of them with " ".

    Hope this helps

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