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    Storage classes

    void mycreatedynamicstorage(int **MyArray)
    by malloc -allocate some 2D storage for the variable above.
    void populatestorage(int **MyArray)
    Simply populate the sample.
    int main(void)
    int **MyArray;

    My question comesdown to storage class. I have following set-up. The create routine works as it should and creates an array,

    but when it is sent to the next function it seems that I get a segmentaion fault and it would appear the array has gone

    missing. Should I use a storage class for this. Now these routines are tested and work if I dont not explicity call the arrays

    in the function and place the int **MyArray out of the main and into global. Please help if you can, I would send the code, but

    I amworking on Linux without a connection so have had to type in the salient points. Thanks

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    in order for mycreatedynamicstorage() to work, main() has to pass it a pointer to pointer to pointers (whew!) -- that's three stars, not two. That allows mycreatedynamicstorage() to change the pointer declared in main().
    const int MaxX = 20;
    const int MaxY = 20;
    void mycreatedynamicstorage(int ***MyArray)
    	int i;
    	int ** ay = malloc(MaxY * sizeof(int *));
    	for(i = 0; i < MaxY; i++)
    		ay[i] = malloc(MaxX * sizeof(int));
    	*MyArray = ay;
    or better yet, pass the x and y values
    void mycreatedynamicstorage(int ***MyArray, int x, int y)
    	int i;
    	int ** ay = malloc(y * sizeof(int *));
    	for(int i = 0; i < y; i++)
    		ay[i] = malloc(x * sizeof(int));
    	*MyArray = ay;
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