Thread: sending the output of one process, to the input of another

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    sending the output of one process, to the input of another

    UPDATE: managaed to get this working thanks to a similar thread, and some adjustments here and there.

    So far in my program i:

    -Fork a new process

    inside the child, i exec a program entered by the user.

    I want to send the ouput of this program, down a pipe ( pipe 1 ), rather than to stdout.

    I then want to exec another program, sending it the information in pipe 1, and then outputting to stdout.

    pid = fork();
    	if (pid == -1)
    	/* child */
    	if (pid == 0)
    	    /* dont need the read end */
    	    /* output will now be send down out pipe */
    	    dup2(fd[1], STDOUT_FILENO);
    	    fprintf(stderr,"No such command: %s\n",clist->exe_path);		
    	  /* parent */	  
    		npid = wait(&stat);
    		//printf("Process %d exited with status %d\n",npid,stat);
    	    while (npid != pid);

    After the child exec's and exits, in the parent, i figure i create another child process, and exec in the newly created child.

    How though, do i set it up so the new process reads from pipe 1, and outputs to stdout.

    Hope I explained well enough for some to understand

    Appreciate the help.
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    dup2(fd[1], STDOUT_FILENO);
    You might want to see if that line is failing. I'm assuming you've already called pipe() and you've closed stdout.
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