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    incompatible type

    I'm getting an incompatible type in assignment error for the following code:

    ((hashNode *)t->data)[hashValue] = (hashNode *)calloc(sizeof(hashNode), 1);

    And then the same incompatible types in initialization:

    hashNode *previous = ((hashNode *)t->data)[hashValue];

    I am implementing a hash bucket with linked list and t is a generic structure and hashNode is a node for the linked list. HashValue is the value of the hashfunction so that I know which array spot to enter the hashvalue. I hope you guys understand what is going on here. Any advice would be great! thanks.

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    What's the actual compiler error?

    I think you're most likely trying to assign a pointer to a non-pointer. Also, you should never need to cast any m/c/realloc() calls.
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    data is declared as an array of what type?

    In the second statement you are assigning the hashNode* previous to the value contained in an element of the data array. If data is not an array of hashNode* then this would create a compiler error.

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    Since t->data is being casted, it might be an array of void pointers.

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