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    character string problem

    I need to write a program that has the user input a command such as ADD (adds two numbers), SUB(subtracts two numbers), DIV( divides), MUL(multiplies) and then input the two numbers. The user is asked to input all three things at one time. Here is the code.

    int performance(char[], int, int);
    int main()
      int one;
      int two;
      char com[3];
      int FI;
      printf("Enter Instruction:");
      scanf(" %3s %d %d", &com, &one, &two);
      FI =  performance( com, one, two);
      printf("the answer is %d\n", FI);
    int performance(char A[], int B, int C)
      int final;
      char ADD;
      char SUB;
      char DIV;
      char MUL;
      if(A[3] == ADD)
        printf("%d", final);
      if(A[3] == SUB)
        final = B - C;
      if(A[3] == DIV)
        final = B / C;
      if(A[3] ==  MUL)
        final = B*C;
    I am not getting the right answers. I think it has something to do with my if statements.

    please help.
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    Use a string (a null-terminated array of chars) rather than a single character. Also, it would be better to use fgets and sscanf than scanf.
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    > scanf(" %3s %d %d", &com, &one, &two);
    1. 3s needs a char array of 4 elements, so
    char com[4];
    2. You don't need an & with an array, so
    scanf(" %3s %d %d", com, &one, &two);

    > if(A[3] == ADD)
    As well as being outside the array, you don't define ADD either.
    Perhaps you need to include string.h and do
    if( strcmp(A,"ADD") == 0 )

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