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    Angry initializing arrays with user input

    My assignment is to ask the user what size array they want. The compiler keeps saying, constant expression required in function main().
    code is:
    cout<<"Enter size of array:"<<endl;
    int array1[x];

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    I think this is not possible. You must define "char string[100];" and then you can enter how many arrays will you use.
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    the only way for doing this is with dynamic memory allocation( I think).
    char *string;
    cout<<"Enter size of array:"<<endl; 
    string= (char *) malloc(sizeof(char)*x);
    free(string);//do not forget this, you have to free the memory
    A better way of doing it is with "new" and "delete"
    but I can't give you an example because I only use them 1 or 2.
    look them up and use them instead of malloc

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    You can use realloc. That way, you just realloc after every input.
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    your compiler might register memory frees as an atexit command... so check...
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    new and delete are C++ operators. This is the C board. also in C you do not need to cast malloc(), in fact it is better if you don't.
    Furthermore, if you have GCC or a C99 compatible compiler you can use you original code.

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    Arrays must know how long they are at compile-time. If you want to allocate a certain amount of memory based on run-time information, you'll have to use dynamic memory allocation...
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main ()
     int N;
     int * a;
     printf("Enter size of array: ");
     scanf ("%d", &N);
     a = malloc (sizeof(int) * size);
     // Now a is an array of N ints.
     return 0;
    I am pretty sure this can be done with C++ arrays however, check their forum.
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