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    Dev-C++ compiler

    I recently had an assignment to write a program generating a deck of cards and shuffling them. In c language. I wrote the code on Dev-C++ initially but I could not get the random generator to work . Then I read that c does not have a random number generator only c++. But I copied the code on borland as a c file and everything worked fine. So my question is if its true that c does not have random? If not is there anyway to get around it or maybe another way to generate randoms, or am I stuck doing these assignments on borland?

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    srand() and rand() are both in stdlib.h, found in the C Standard Library.

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    I read that c does not have a random number generator only c++.
    Nope, C has rand() (which I thought was in <stdio.h>, but as sean_mackrory says, it's actually in <stdlib.h>). So does C++, if you include <cstdlib>.

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