Thread: How to sort an array?

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    How to sort an array?


    I'm very new on programming c and need a little help with sorting an array...

    I have the following Array:


    FYI: [i] counts up to max. 300

    Now I'm looking for a possibility, how to sort this array by LastBlocks[i].WriteDate?

    The content of LastBlocks[i].WriteDate is (wmjd << 16 | hour << 8 | min);
    LastBlocks[i].WriteDate contains the time/date when the entry was added to the list...

    I would like to have the newest entry first and the oldest one at the end of the array after sorting...

    Could you help my with that?

    Thanks in advance,

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    All you need to do is change the compare function to match what you have.

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