Thread: help, i cant count spaces or words

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    Unhappy help, i cant count spaces or words

    hey guys, i got a problem,

    im a big java fan and i am doing a c program for a project for school. The program states that you have to enter a string and then display the number of charecters, words and spaces in the string

    i have got it to successfully count the charecters, but when the words calculate, it displays how many spaces i allowed for the string

    the program is below, with tags to help you understand my program, its not urgent, but i just cant get it to display the words and spaces properly

    code is as follows:
    Question 1 - Programming Assignment 2
    // String Reader with analysis
    // By Matthew Potter 0314377 22/11/05
    #include "stdio.h"
    #include "string.h"
    #include "conio.h"
    void main(void){ // start main	// declaring variables
    char string[50];	
    char space = ' ';	
    int *totalspace; 	
    int length, words;	
    // taking user input	
    printf("\nEnter a sentence that is less than 50 letters\n") ;
    length=strlen(string); // lenghth of entered string
    totalspace=strchr(string, space);  // blank space calculator
    words=sizeof(string); // word count
    // Displaying Output To Screen 
    printf("\nThe String %s Is %d Charaters Long\n",string,length) ;
    printf("\nThere Are %d Words In Your String\n",words);
    printf("\nThere Are %d Spaces In Your String\n",totalspace);
    } // end main
    thanks guys, hope you can find my syntax error

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    Ok, few things. First main should be declared as and return an int. Second you should use fgets() instead of gets().

    As for your question, this is because you're using strchr() incorrectly. Infact, I don't know why you're using it at all, you can nice and easily knock out both words and spaces with a simple loop through your character array.
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    And you should (but don't have to) use angle brackets, not double quotes, for standard header files:
    #include "stdio.h"
    #include <stdio.h>
    Double-quotes are for your own header files (usually).

    This doesn't do what you think it does:
    words=sizeof(string); // word count
    It will always be 50, the size of words[] in memory.

    BTW, Sly, your avatar's still down.

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