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    thats exacly what I have-- the compiler didnt even give you a warning.
    mine says
    [Warning]comparison between pointer and integer

    it will let me run the program but right after it prints out the table a windows pop-up says the program encountered an error and must close.

    I'll try what you suggested I'm not sure how butthank god I have a 4 day weekend and a ton of coffee.

    Just frustrating paying a college for a professor who would rather you learn on your own that him teaching, and no money to go to a different college.

    Do you know of any other sites with some good c tutorials seems most are converting to c#.

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    Yes, I get the warning, but it doesn't close it. Go back to what I said before though.

    There is a big difference between "1" and '1' and, in this case it matters, 1.
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    thx so much it's hard to find someone that will actually help instead of make fun of you when you ask a question.

    I got rid of the warning my program will still get a windows error but at least I know its not the compiler anymore, maybe my Dev-C++ program
    important thing is I can finish my code now

    just out of curiosity I am a second year student do you think I am far behind and making mistakes that I should know by now. and have a lot of ground to make up. or right where I should be.

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    I have written a Sudoku solver that solves thousands of Sudoku problems in a fraction of a second and I use a single dimensional vector, i.e.,
    T   s[ 81 ];
    I have a tip. First figure out the algorithm to solve a Sudoku grid efficiently, and after that you define the data (of type T that I defined above) to use. Do the algorithm by hand on paper. Here is a good link that may give you idéas for your algorithm:
    Good luck!

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