Thread: does anyone know how to pop off a stack?

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    does anyone know how to pop off a stack?

    I have a linked list, that I want to remov things off the top like a stack....

    I made this function but it doesn't work...

    does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

    STUDENT* remv_student( STUDENT* ptr ) {                
            static STUDENT popped_student;        
             popped_student = *top;                
             ptr = top;
             top = top -> studentPtr;
             free (ptr);
             return &popped_student;

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    First, top is never defined. I'm going to assume that it's a global variable. I'd name it something a little more... informative, myself. "student_list", etc.

    Your code seems fine to me. (Though no error checking for end of list.) However, why return a pointer? (To a variable inside a function... although static, seems a fishy thing to do...) Couldn't you just return the structure?

    Otherwise, is top (and it's members) valid? What exactly "doesn't work"? Does it crash? If so, where?
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    Yeah, I agree. You shouldn't be using the static variable at all. Just return the node you're popping. Oh, also, you can't update a what a pointer points at inside another function unless you're passing a pointer to the pointer you want to update. It should then be something like:
    STUDENT *pop( STUDENT **stack )
        STUDENT *n = NULL;
        if( students_enrolled )
            n = *stack;
            *stack = *stack->next;
        return n;
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