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    Segmentation fault

    Hi, I have a problem with the segmentation fault.
    This method adds letters to a string(name), but I dont know if i'm doing the wright way, I suposse itīs wrong, because the output is not the same of the line of the file and in the end of the output it appears : segmentation fault.
    I want another way to add the letters to the string.

      int ch;
      int add = 0;
      char *name;
      FILE *file = fopen(".tabpasswd", "r");
      while((ch=fgetc(file)) != EOF) {
        if(ch != ':') {
          name[add] = ch;
       printf("%s", name);


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    You don't allocate any memory for name to which you can write to, it's merely a dangling pointer. You also fail to null terminate the string, had you actually had memory to which you could write, so that you could print a valid C-string.
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    You have no space allocated for 'name' when you do this:

    char *name;
    All you have done there is to declare a pointer variable. There are a couple of different ways you could allocate some space which belongs to you, and you can manipulate. Try declaring 'name' as an array, something like this:

             ARR_MAX = 25   /* or whatever arbitrary size you need your array to be */
    char name[ARR_MAX];
    Alternatively, you could malloc some space and then you would be able to user your pointer variable '*name'..

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    But i dont want to give a size to the array.
    I want to use it like the ArraList in java.
    How can i do this?


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    >>But i dont want to give a size to the array.
    You have to give the size either you use array or dynamic array.
    If you are afraid of giving size.
    A really stupid method would be give a initial size 1 and reallocate memory(previous +1) everytime in your if loop.
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