Thread: C function - Pass by value? Pass By Ref?

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    C function - Pass by value? Pass By Ref?

    Hi Guys,

    Look at the following code; Why doesnt it indicate whether its passed by val or pass by ref (by using the '&' operator?)? Or by default C is passed by ref?

    Are there some default rules somehow?

    Please advise

     * Purpose: Reverse characters in a string.
     * Author:  K&R
     * Date:    
    void reverse(char s[]);
      char text[80]="martin";
      printf("string is %s\n", text);
      printf("string is %s\n", text);
    void reverse(char s[])
      int c, i, j;
      for (i=0, j=strlen(s)-1; i < j;i++, j--)
        c = s[i];
        s[i] = s [j];
        s[j] = c;

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    C always passes by value. There is no such thing as by 'reference' in C. You can use pointers to pass the value of a variable's address, and dereference that to access a variable, simulating by 'reference', but it's still actually by value.

    Arrays are always passed as pointers to their first element. So any array you pass to a function, if changes are made inside the function to it, will affect the actual array outside of the function.

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    Edit: Oops, too late, and I think you mean passes by value in the first sentence, Quzah :P

    C is always, always pass by value.

    When you pass an array to a function, you are actually passing the address of the first element, so in the above case, you are effectively passing &text[0], or the address of the letter 'm' in "martin". Because the function has the address, any modification to the array in the function is to the array that was passed.
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    Alright. Understand!


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    >>C always passes by reference.
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