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    Debug help needed

    I am trying to program a clone for the Unix command fgrep in C for my CSC class and I am having trouble in this part of my program. It is the part where I search for the specified word in a line (which was attained by fgets and sent to the function when called). It is simply supposed to return 1 if the word was found in the line, or 0 if it was not. I may not be going about this in the best way, but this is what I have:

    int searchLine(char *line, char query[]){
        int j;  
        int i = 0;
        int pos = 0;
        char tempWord[BUFL];
        initString(tempWord, BUFL);
        printf("\nQuerying for %s(%d) in:\n   %s\n", query, strlen(query), line);
            if(line[i] == '\n'){
            } else if(line[i] == ' '){
                printf("*** Space Found @ pos %d\n", i);
                initString(tempWord, BUFL);
                pos = 0;
                for(j = 0; j < strlen(query); j++){
                    if(tempWord[j] != query[j]){
                    if(j == strlen(query) - 1){
                        printf("*** Search Sucess");
                        return 1;
            } else {
                tempWord[pos] = line[i];
                printf("Pos: %d | String=%s\n", pos, tempWord);
            if(i > MAXLEN){
        return 0;
    There are a couple of debugging prints in it, which should not effect the actual running of the code. The function initString simply fills the entire string with NUL bytes (probably should be called clearString).

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: I didn't give an example of the output of the program:

    Querying for chicken(7) in:
       alksdf;alkjsf alksdfjdk chicken sdfdsf
    Pos: 0 | String=a
    Pos: 1 | String=al
    Pos: 2 | String=alk
    Pos: 3 | String=alks
    Pos: 4 | String=alksd
    Pos: 5 | String=alksdf
    Pos: 6 | String=alksdf;
    Pos: 7 | String=alksdf;a
    Pos: 8 | String=alksdf;al
    Pos: 9 | String=alksdf;alk
    Pos: 10 | String=alksdf;alkj
    Pos: 11 | String=alksdf;alkjs
    Pos: 12 | String=alksdf;alkjsf
    *** Space Found @ pos 13
    Pos: 1 | String=
    Pos: 2 | String=
    Pos: 3 | String=
    It keeps going without anything in the tempWord variable (which is, I assume, result of initString), but I thought it would ad the next word (the chars in "line" after a space is found) to tempWord starting at "pos = 0"

    Sorry for the long post
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    Why not just use the library function which already does this?

    int searchLine(char *line, char *query){
        return (strstr(line,query) == NULL) ? 0 : 1;
    Or is implementing this portion a large part of the entire project?

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    At first I thought NO, but now that I think about it, that might be okay. I will ask my professor about it. Technically, finding the string within the line is not the complete purpose of the project; printing the line that has the string is. Hopefully it will be okay

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    If you can't use strstr(), you could use strncmp(), which might help. Unless you can't use strncmp(), either.

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